About UnionTools®

UnionTools has provided well-built, traditional tools that generations have valued since 1907.


Since 1907, UnionTools has made products that have worked side by side with American farmers for generations. Our roots are deep in the farm and agricultural landscape. Since their inception, our tools have been designed for farmers and hard workers who make their living from their lands and livestocks. This heritage carries on today as does the promise and commitment to make tools that are durable, reliable, and perform to meet the rigors of a lifestyle that works tirelessly until the job is done.

For generations of hard workers

These tools are not afraid of a full day’s work, and we offer a broad range to fill your needs. Today, the UnionTools full line includes long handle tools, wheelbarrows, and winter tools.

Our tools have stood the test of time and will keep serving generations of hard workers.

In 2006, UnionTools joined the AMES Companies family of brands and continues to provide quality tools.