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Q: Where do I find the model number on my tool?


Your model number is generally located as part of the UPC or barcode number. The UPC label is usually located on the handle of your tool or the carton the product is sold in, if packaged.

Q: How do I order replacement parts?


Please contact our customer service department via the form here.

Q: How should I care for my tools so they keep working hard?


Proper care of your tools will make your investment last and add benefit to your gardening experience. Here are some guidelines to follow:

In general:

  • Do not keep your tools outside in the elements.
  • Clean them off when you are done using them.
  • Store them in a neat and organized manner.

Long handled tools:

  • Clean your tools after each use. Wipe the handles, blades, forks and edges with a clean cloth. Use soap (Lysol® and Pine Sol® are safe) to loosen dirt and crusted material. Fine steel wool and a light oil can also be used on the metal blades to remove rust and stains. Be careful not to use some cleaners, such as bleach solutions, that may damage the metal parts of your tools.
  • If the tool has an edge, sharpen it with a sharpening tool, file or sharpening stone. Shovel blades can be periodically sharpened to improve digging performance.
  • Coat blades with a light oil such as machine oil, silicon spray or something similar.
  • Store your tools in a safe, dry location, preferably kept locked or secured from children.


  • Rinse the tray with a garden hose after each use and air dry.
  • Grease bearings (ball bearing wheels include a zerk, a fitting that allows you to easily supply lubricant).
  • Check tire pressure before using, especially after long periods of storage.
  • You may apply a wood protectant/sealant to wood handles as needed.
  • Store your wheelbarrow inside if possible, or, if outdoors, tray down or standing up so water will not collect in the tray.


  • When finished using your hose reel, depressurize the hose by turning off the spigot and opening the hose nozzle
  • For winter storage, drain hose and reel completely and store indoors
  • Use mild soap and water and a clean soft cloth to clean

Q: What is the warranty on my tools?


Our warranty covers defects in material or workmanship. It does not cover normal wear and tear or misuse of the tool. Please view our warranty statement or search for the actual product in question on our website for specific warranty information.

Q: Do I have to register my product for my warranty to be effective?


No, registration is not required for your warranty to be effective. We do ask that you please keep your receipt as proof of purchase.