About True Temper®

Breaking new ground in tool making since 1808.

America’s most trusted tools

Since 1808, we’ve been designing and building tough, reliable tools. The True Temper name started as a promise: Only tools that proved “true” in balance and temper bore the label. Today that legacy of tempered steel strength and enduring quality is built into every tool.

Our history is American history

True Temper started in a blacksmith shop, in a village with hand-forged farm tools. As America grew, we grew. We became American Fork & Hoe and later True Temper, a leading supplier of lawn and garden tools, winter tools, and wheelbarrows. Today, True Temper is one of the most widely recognized Lawn and Garden tool brands in the industry.

Our history follows the history of America as it developed from a collection of rural villages where nearly everyone farmed at least a small plot of land through the Industrial Revolution and the continued growth of the country. True Temper was there every step of the way.

Our tools continue the True Temper legacy today with innovation in classic tools and designs. Building on over 200+ years, True Temper continues to deliver a wide range of dependable products to get the job done.

The True Temper difference

When you work on something, you want to work hard and smart. Your tools need to do the same. Dirt, leaves, snow — whatever your job, True Temper makes the tool to handle it, the result of our unparalleled focus on quality and innovation. Choose True Temper, the strong and smart choice.