About Razor-Back®

Demanding jobs call for tough tools. That's why professionals have relied on Razor-Back tools for more than 85 years.

It all started with a shovel

In 1936, the Razor-Back brand was launched as a new kind of shovel having a thicker spine in the socket. This shovel was stronger yet lighter than other shovels. It retained its powerful point dig after dig. It was named "Razor-Back" after North American wild hogs, which have a tough, raised spine, a hide like steel, and the habit of ripping up fields like bulldozers.

Innovation is at our steel core

Today, Razor-Back is the leading brand of hand-powered landscaping tools for professionals in the United States- a market leader nationwide. Every Razor-Back tool is the product of bold innovation and a lot of hard work by people who use them day in, day out—just like you do.

The only way to build professional grade tools is to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Real world input from thousands of pros have helped us refine our tools to meet the demands of the toughest jobs.

razor-back history

The progression of our brand from 1936 to present day.

The quality you deserve

Razor-Back tools are made with thick heavy-gauge steel for supreme durability. Our shovel heads, ferrules and sockets are forged from tough steel, hardened by a forging process that was invented over 200 years ago by our parent company, AMES.

The pros trust Razor-Back for key features such as:

  • SuperSocket® — a full five inches longer than standard industrial-grade sockets
  • PowerStep® — an oversized cleat step for extra leverage
  • Durable cushion grips stand up to the most demanding work, absorbing harsh vibrations and reducing fatigue
  • Increased grip strength and improved safety with Armor-D grip
  • Hand-selected hardwood, known for its shock absorbing qualities

Razor-Back legacy

Razor-Back became part of the AMES Companies family of brands in 2006 and continues to deliver quality, well-built professional tools.