About Jackson® Professional Tools

Built strong to last long. Over 145 years of uncompromising quality & reliable performance.

“The Blue Barrow” — A staple to the Jackson brand.

Tools for pros, manufactured with pride

With more than 145 years of experience under our belts, Jackson Professional Tools still stands as the nation’s oldest and largest provider of wheelbarrows. From the very beginning, we've taken pride in how our products are made, and our commitment to quality is at the core of what we do. The only difference is that now our expertise extends to include a range of tools, the quality of which is uncompromised.

145 years ago, Caleb Jackson had a mission

In 1876, Caleb Jackson could see that the wheelbarrow would be at the core of the independence and prosperity of America’s working class. In just five years, his business was thriving in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As the company grew, it innovated early and often – using advanced manufacturing techniques. Today, the Jackson brand remains strong and dedicated to provide professional end-users high-quality products.

Tools meant to last

Jackson wheelbarrows are built to stand the test of time. When your load is too heavy to lift, Jackson is there with durable and practical wheelbarrows that are perfect for professionals with tough jobs to homeowners getting outside on the weekends. You can expect the same quality in Jackson's other tool lines. With sturdy blades and hardwood handles, Jackson’s tools are meant to be an extension of your strength.